*updated* Missed period but BFN


TTC baby number 2. I stopped the contraceptive injection in March and took the pill until the end of April. Since stopping the pill I have had normal periods April May and June but July period did not arrive! I am currently 18 days late, I have a very bloated belly (I look how I looked when I was 6 months pregnant) and I have really sore and bigger boobs - I have taken maybe 6 tests (all different brands including digital) and they have all been BFN! (2 of them have been very very faint lines but the line only appeared hours after taking them so I’m guessing they are negative too). I just don’t know what to think. My husband says to consider it a missed period due to coming off of contraception - but I know my body and I have never ever missed a period before (other than the time I was pregnant with my first) plus it’s weird that I have had a normal period between coming off the pill and now. Has anyone else been through this? I was convinced I was pregnant but now I’m not so sure as it would of shown up on a test by now? :(


I went to my doctor yesterday and explained the situation - she was not interested at all and told me missing a period is not a concern. She also didn’t think my big bloated belly or big sore boobs was something to investigate. She told me to wait to see how I am in the next 6 months and if it’s still not there to make an appointment. She said it’s probably just stress although I told her I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and although we are ttc I’m happy to just let it happen when it happens and currently don’t feel under pressure.

So confused!!!! 20 days late and still no sign of AF.