Urgent help: Doctors and midwives are not listening


I've been in hospital over the weekend due to contractions / tightenings, and in two heart monitoring sessions, my baby's heart rate has been low for him. Not based on the normal guidelines, but not normal for him. He's normally 130bmp, on Sunday his base was 120bmp, dropping down to 111 at some points, and then this morning his heartrate dropped to 110bmp, dipping below 100 at one point.

I have been desperately trying to explain that this is not normal for my baby. He is very active normally, I can feel him nearly all the time. This morning I hardly felt him for two hours and the same when the monitor was on him, which again is very unusual.

However, because I have an anxiety disorder and actually read stuff online and have seen others' experiences, I am not being taken seriously when I flag things. Because he falls within the "bracket" of 100 to 160, he's fine. But I do not agree.

How do I get them to listen?! I also had brown discharge in my pad this morning, which I have never had in my whole pregnancy, and apparently it's "normal!" No it bloody isn't!