How can you stop a two year old from always hitting?

I’m convinced my son may have some anger issues. Every male in my family has ADHD and his father has ADD. I find my son spazzing out for no reason and he will hit my boyfriends kid or hit my 9 month old. It’s getting so bad that last week he bit my boyfriends son on the chest and I wasn’t aware until my boyfriend bathed his son later that night and discovered a bruised bite mark on his chest 😣. (I heard the cries but soon as I came to see what happened he stopped crying... he wasn’t holding the spot either to signify anything). I keep as close of an eye as possible on them. It’s to the point where if he sees my bfs son having fun, he will walk up to him and hit him in the face with a toy or push him down. He literally runs dead into my 9 month old head while he’s crawling around. If my 9 month old tries to stand on the footboard of his bed, he pushes him off. I’ve tried the yelling, taking toys away, and even time out... he screams on top of his lungs when I tell him to stop hitting and sometimes even falls out. nothing is working 🤦🏻‍♀️.. is this really what terrible twos are about or could he possibly have an anger issue??

Any advice on something I can try to stop him?