What should i say? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Okay so my boyfriend’s roommate and also close friend (he’s a good friend of mine also) he was throwing a “get together, party” anyways from what i saw on my friends Snapchat that also attended was that there was a lot of girls there from cause his roommate invited most of the people and my bf only invited his close guy friends, my boyfriend didn’t show up till later because he had work and he got off late, i texted him that night around 11pm saying “have fun at your party” and also in the morning saying “thanks for texting back” and he replied “I’m sorry. As soon as I got home I got sucked into conversations and helping people out around” and in my head I’m like

BUUUT i was with my sister later that day and she was looking at Instagram stories and she came across the guy that was throwing the party and i was like “i didnt see anything he posted” so i went to his profile and it didn’t show that he had anything on his story, sooo he blocked me from seeing his story and I’m super suspicious about it, what should i do? Any advice or opinions on what would you do?