Photographic Proof


I have nowhere else to share this so get ready for a short story. My parents and I got tickets to Medieval Times (it’s basically a jousting show mixed with a stage play of total epicness) and my father got the best seats for us! Me, being the nerd I am, decide to dress up as a peasant girl.

So toward the end of the tournaments, the knights each get to bestow a “Queen of the Tournament” sash to any “princess” of their team/kingdom. I’m sitting there like “shit that would be so cool” and our team’s knight on his horse comes over and HANDS ME THE SASH!

I blushed so hecking bad. So then after the show we’re all standing in the entrance where the gift shop is and the whole cast come out for pictures with everybody. My mom decides she needs pictures of me with

e v e r y b o d y. Guess the first person we meet for pictures? Yes, the knight who gave me the sash. We chat a little and then.....

THIS DUDE IS CHECKING ME OUT AND MY MOTHER GOT PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF. I was too flustered at the time to notice. Trust me, if I could have gotten his name and number, I woulda in a heartbeat.

This may not seem significant, but I never believe people when they tell me someone was checking me out or flirting with me. I just never imagined it happening to me. 😆😁