Relationship Help


Hi ladies, I need some advice. So my relationship is great, however I’ve come across some difficulties recently due to high stress on both sides. My boyfriend has been stressed heavily due to taking a couple of his college courses over the summer while working and doing some other things, and I’ve been stressed trying to find my new job (my first REAL adult job in the new world as I have recently graduated). I am feeling very overwhelmed from the past few months since I just finished college and now I need to kind of kick my life into gear quickly. I may have a job lined up for me out of state, and I don’t think long distance would work with my boyfriend. I love him with everything I have but the stress on both ends has been causing so much turmoil in our relationship. I don’t foresee this having a good effect on us if we did long distance, and I have also done long distance before and highly disliked it. I don’t want to hold my boyfriend back from anything either if he’s constantly missing me if we tried long distance. I sort of would like to take a break with him for a little while just to focus on myself and figure out my job and where I will end up with it. I really don’t want to break up or go on a break with my boyfriend at all, but I feel if we tried to get through this we won’t. I’d rather take the space now, have time to think and figure things out a bit, and then return to it at a later time. Also, we have a VERY healthy relationship so I feel if we came back together later it wouldn’t be an iffy situation. I just feel as though now I’m so overwhelmed and the best thing for me personally is to step back from my relationship to worry about one less thing and affecting my boyfriend negatively in any way. Is this a good idea? I’m so torn on what I should do to help myself, help him, and help us. :(