Filthy in-laws


This will be kept relatively short. My in-laws are hoarders by all definition. Their house is so filthy that my husband has never allowed me to step foot in it. If that was the least of my concerns I would be fine not having my child ever step foot in the home. (Baby is due March 5th) But it goes further than that, my father-in-law only showers once or twice a year. I don’t want him holding or having physical contact with my child. My home stinks so bad when they visit from whatever smells stick on them from their home and the smells of never showering that I have to light candles and but Vick’s vapor rub under my nose. I almost threw up due to morning sickness during there last visit and the home still stunk long after they left. I don’t want them holding their grandchild do to their lack of cleanliness. I have been told I am over reacting from girlfriends that don’t have children and by my hubby saying it’s not fair. I personally do understand but feel a lifetime of poor decisions leads to consequences for those actions. I personally don’t know if it’s the pregnancy hormones or not, but would you let filthy grandparents that never bath, never brush their teeth, and have no clean clothes in their home due to being hoarders hold your child as a baby?