How to get him out my head.

Me & my bf argue a lot you can say. We’ve stopped talking for a day and come back to each other telling one another we love each other so much blah blah and we’d be fine then a week later we’d end up arguing about something else🤦‍♀️ we’ve had bad arguments before but yesterday was just different. I first asked him why doesn’t he let it known he’s in a relationship meaning post pics of me or something because he always tells me how girls are trying to hit on him. I was trying to have a separate conversation with him abt something else but he wasn’t replying he kept posting on social media every second and I seen that and it made me upset because if your gf is trying to speak to you why are u running to social media every second with your problems. I don’t like social media for the fact I feel like it takes over everyone’s mind these days. I only use Snapchat but my bf uses everything and he’s literally obsessed he post every second and its so annoying. We are both grown why does social media know your problems before I do!? I tried to talk to him abt it and he BLACKED OUT! He called me a dumb ass bitch because I told him he cares about everything else except me. I don’t feel like a priority. Anyways he said “ ur a dumb ass bitch I go on what the fuck I want to go on I don’t give a fuck delete my fucking number bitch suck my dick , I’ll be single. Stop texting me crazy bitch idc if you’re crying fuck You I can go on any thing I want are you mother you psychotic crazy stupid ass bitch. You’re a sad ass bitch fuck out of here. Make me sick with your ugly ass attitude find someone else to deal with that shit I can post before talking to u if I want too. Suck my dick it’s my social media. I thought u we’re giving me space you dk wtf that means bitch. You are the mistake fuck you and ur mood swings . Lose my number bitch” and I was just like woahhhhh all because I wanted him to speak to me first before running to social media ... I literally have to beg for his attention. He wasn’t responding to me that’s why I said I’ll just give you space because he clearly didn’t wanna talk to me I didn’t think he’d actually want that because I give him a lot of space we don’t see each other everyday maybe once or twice a week . We don’t text back to back and we don’t speak otp all day or anything like that Ofc we have lives etc. but all those words hit me and I was surprised because I didn’t disrespect him I guess he got mad at the truth because he does care abt everything else but me🤷‍♀️. All I’ve tried to do this relationship is love him & get him to care . He said he’s going through something and I’m supposed to help him cope with it. (His family keeps asking him for money) & I’m just like how am I supposed to know if you don’t talk to me but you talk to social media!!! Wtf social media has this man mind fucked!!! But idk how to feel I cried for about 10 mins and put my big girl pants on . I deserve better I’ve tried & tried & prayed for us but this is just getting out of hand. He thinks I’m toxic cause i care too much he calls me emotional & dramatic and I feel the same way about him except he’s very careless id say nonchalant he brushes everything to the side . I couldn’t sleep last night we stopped texting around 9 I told him it’s all good I have nothing else to say to you ✌️ when he kept texting back and saying I’m a sad bitch and I’m a joke I didn’t curse him back. I told him l just gave up and everything’s all good. bye . When we stopped texting at 9 I didn’t go to sleep till 5 am because I was just thinking and thinking & listening to music and honestly praying to get this guy out of my head. I know I’ll have a few sleepless nights but I’ll be fine. Around 2 am I saw him post that he can’t even sleep because he keeps thinking about me but I ignored it. If you love someone you just don’t speak to them like that & consider their feelings no matter what! I told him he isn’t ready for a relationship if that’s how hes gonna react to someone’s feelings. Idk how to cope with this & get him out of my head 🤦‍♀️ I feel so numb & dead inside . I can’t really say I’m heart broken , during the moment I felt sick I had a bad headache I had to take Tylenol and my throat felt like I had something stuck .. u know that feeling before you just burst into tears yeah. But as time went by I realized I’m a good person I just care too much and I won’t let him take that away from me. He calls me selfish everyday tell me I’m unappreciative and ungrateful .. but this is how he speaks to me . U want me to be appreciative of you disrespecting me everyday?