Will I ever be able to breast feed my baby?


I’m looking for anyone else’s experiences..

For the first two weeks of my life, I solely breastfed my baby from the breast. However her weight started to go down and midwife couldn’t work out why because her latch was perfect and nappies were fine.

I soon realised that during a feed she was only taking about half of what she needed before falling asleep, therefore wasn’t drinking enough and losing weight.

Since this I have had to start expressing and giving her bottles, which she’s happy with and is putting on weight fine now, but it’s so hard for me. All I do is express, feed, wash bottles, and wash breast pumps.

She’s 9 weeks now and I’m getting so fed up.

She latches on in the morning for a feed but her latch is now awful because of the bottles, and I always have to top her up with half a bottle (after 10-15 mins on each boob).

Has anyone been through similar and after seeing a breastfeeding consultant managed to get back to just feeding from the breast?

I also have to top her up with one formula a day because I don’t produce enough milk.