Need advice, words of encouragement. Anything

I’m almost 6 weeks pregnant and yesterday after work I started spotting. This morning I was spotting again but when I woke back up around 11 I was full blown bleeding. My mother in law rushed me to my obgyn and we made a 1 o’clock appointment. They couldn’t really tell me anything so they sent me for blood work and after 3 hours of waiting, I’m waiting on a sonogram here in 20 minutes. They put on my papers “threatened miscarriage” I stopped and used a restroom while waiting to go to my third appointment today and this was in my pad. Does it look like I’m losing the baby? This is my first and so scared.


Has my follow up appointment today. My doctor pretty much made me feel as if my pregnancy and feelings were invalid. Although I was only 6 weeks our little bean was already very much loved and we were so ready to start our little family. The way she said “well based on the sonograms the uterus emptied out” so casually really didn’t sit right with my fiancé and I. A few things she said just really upset us. But next time we’ll know to go to a different doctor.