In love with my son


I know they tell you you’ll be in love immediately when your baby is born. I also know some people need time to fall in love. I think I experienced both. I was in heaven the day I gave birth to my son. And for the first 8mo I felt this incredible, wild, intense love. But it was love in the way of, “I’m now a mother and I am responsible for you and I’ll never let anything hurt you.” Love in the way of wearing my new skin as mother and embracing my new identity. In the last month, things have just clicked. I don’t feel so nervous. My mom muscles are stronger and I have the hang of it. Last night I was singing to my son before putting him down for bed and he hugged me back and laid his head on my shoulder and it washed over me I just cried and cried and cried. I held him extra long and snuggled him letting myself cry and feel all the things. This is life... this is it. I’ve never felt so lucky in my entire life to have this beautiful boy. He teaches me something new everyday. It really is like watching your heart live outside your body. He’s 9mo old tomorrow and I can’t believe how far we’ve come! ♥️💔😭