I’m so confused and hurt


Me and my boyfriend have just hit our one year mark last month and we did start having sex till 6 months in. He’s my first. Before we started having sex he practically was humphing my leg. But after we started having sex it feels like he’s not as in love with me as he used. I HAVE told him this and all he says is just that he hasn’t been able to be turned on and tells me it’s him not me. But I’ve struggled with self esteem and this doesn’t help when I’m rejected night after night.

I told him tonight that if I get rejected one more time I’m not going to try anymore and his reply was ‘I know.’ I just feel so hurt. I told him that I’m just gonna head to bed and he ignored me and started to play his games and is acting like I’m in the wrong!! I just don’t know what to do or think.