Rocky Friendship

Lulu • Mother to an amazing two year old little girl & pregnant with a little boy.
So I've been friends with a girl for 5yrs now, our friendship hasn't always been the best but when we're going good we're inseparable.  Anyways she got pregnant back in September had her baby in June.  Then I got pregnant in March & am due in December.  Her pregnancy drove us even farther apart.  But last week we decided to give our friendship one last try.  Prior to her & I regaining contact one of my ex's messaged me on Facebook out of nowhere saying such an angry person because I don't have a father to raise my child & he feels bad for me.  So today I questioned my friend about when was the last time she spoke to him.  She said not too long ago, that he asked about me, & she admitted to saying some bad thing about me.  I never bothered to write back to her because I felt disrespected.  As of now is it even worth trying to rebuild anything with her?  I'm so hurt that she would tell him what was going on with me & my child's father.  Now I feel like whenever she's mad at me she'll repeat anything that I've told her.  I've always been a very private person & now this is making me want to just fall back from her completely.  What would you do?