If he's cheating would u stay for leave?

I am 16 weeks pregnant. The other day I had to go to the hospital for a horrible kidney infection. Well my SO was n the chair asleep when I came home. So I told him I was home. I ate showered and watched some tv. At 1230 his phone went off so he gets up and texts the person back puts his phone on vibrate and falls back asleep. Mean time his phone is blinking and vibrating. So I asked him the next morning who had tested him and he gave his first story that it was my dad telling him I was on the way home. Then he tells me that no one tested him and his phone didn't go off. Well since we had our fight he has bought me more things n the past three days then he has in 11 months. I know I'm unattractive now that I'm huge and getting bigger and I also know that my sex drive sucks. But damn be honest with me

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