Please stop hating on women!!

Cake • It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.
I don't make posts like this usually - but I'm completely taken back by how many insanely rude and insensitive women just commented on the three "unwanted pregnancy" posts. Seriously - just by skimming through the comments I kept seeing name calling, shaming, and degrading comments towards the OP - I mean I didn't even have to look! All these horrible comments are just there! 
-- Please, stop shaming other women for these decisions! I mean her posts have only been up for a few minutes and there's already this onslaught of hatred .___. Jeez, people. And I think only three people actually answered her question - myself being one. 
-- Please remember that there's no such thing as a birth control method that's 100% effective. Pregnancies can happen no matter what. Shit happens. We don't know the OP's situation - maybe she's just trolling? Who knows?? Also, consent to sex is not consent to pregnancy. I enjoy sex and  that doesn't mean I'm ok with getting knocked up just because I'm a woman and that might happen. I can't help that I'm a woman any more than any of you can. 
-- I understand that the posts were worded very poorly (making me think it's a troll) but even so, can we please respect each other instead of bringing each other down?? It's incredibly disheartening to read all of those comments.