Depression or anxiety please help

These past few weeks I have not felt myself at all due to everything that's happened, a best friend committed suicide, my boyfriend had to get admitted into hospital after what they thought was an alcohol induced seizure after the gender reveal and I haven't seen him for 3 days and the hospital said they were keeping an eye on him for 24 hours, I feel alone down and bad on my baby due to all the stress and yesterday I did not feel her move once, I haven't slept, drank or eaten as I haven't felt like I could I've been struggling with sleep and waking up through the nights and have just been crying and crying and crying I don't know who to talk to or who to see because I feel hopeless and genuinely run down I'm in the UK and I just feel like doctors will say see how your doing and comeback later because they never seem to do anything or help and I know it isn't my hormones this time something just doesn't seem right, can anyone advise me on help? I haven't told anyone how I'm feeling because I can't and no one understands 

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