So confused..Advice Needed Plz!!

So. Ok..My husband and I had sex last on June 20..he deployed...or we would June 8, I had my ID taken out...and we had been active up until he my period for June was 7 days late, suppose to get around 18th, didnt get till 25th, took a test, negative, figured, period was only 3 days but it was heavy for 2..usually lasts about 5-6 days. I did start cramping on 2 days prior and had symptoms of pms/early pregnancy, except for sore boobs, so i forgot about it, then now this month, about a week ago, my boobs have been really sore..I took a test and negative and now I am really confused because now even though I am only a day past, I have no clue what to think..And my appetite has been increased and craving carbs like potatoes, noodles, especially Ramen noodles...I am so lost and have no clue to even know what to begin to think...Advice is needed and appreciated..Thank you so much!