Ugh only my mom!!!


So my sister who is due 3 weeks before me wanted to have a joint baby shower. I told her that's fine o didn't care because of how close we were due and she REALLY wanted it. So this weekend during our camping trip, I find out that my mother and my sister's best friend is planning a shower for just her and my mother doesn't want us to do a joint shower.... Okay no biggie.... Until I asked my mom what she has in mind for mine then since she wants to plan my sister's...... She said nothing!!!! Wth?! Why would you make my sister change our plans to do our baby shower together and then not even do one for me!? My sister and I both already have kids so it can't be that, and she has a ton of friends, I don't, so it can't be out of guilt.... I have NO idea why my mother would do that. And my sister kept saying we are having it together but my mom keeps saying NO.

Maybe I shouldn't be so pissed and upset but I am, it hurts me. So ima just have my own baby shower with my dads side of the family and my fiance side of the family and not invite my mom because I already know she won't come anyway. I just really don't know why she is treating me like this.

I forgave her so many times too so I guess its just my stupidity to think any different of her and I hate to say that about my own mother, but I guess that's just reality :/