Progesterone Shots

A.K • 32, married, TTC#1 since Feb. 2013
Just for giggles... 
I'm in my 2WW (9dp5dt) and I'm on 1cc progesterone IM daily. I work nights at a hospital but since I don't want everyone knowing what's going on, my mom drove here to give me injection tonight (my mom is a retired nurse). Anywho, I got in the car with her and we pulled off to the the side under a canopy in front of one of the buildings and I proceeded to lay awkwardly on my stomach in the front seat of the car with my pants pulled down so my mom could jab me and rub my butt lol. All I could do was laugh and wonder what security must be thinking watching us on camera!! Fun times while TTC. Oh, the joys of infertility!