Im feeling so bad


I just wanna let it out...

So heres the thing a few weeks ago i left my husband stupid things the apartment we used to live was on my moms name so when we broke up he had to leave cuz he didnt wanted to stay there since it was on my mom name... we got back cuz i should of never left him i love him with all my heart there was some stuff i wanted him to change and i guess as ignorant as i am i made the wrong desicion anyway we work things out we're back yayyy but now i got laid off my job hes the only one working and we're homeless :( i feel so bad because this is all my fault if i would've never leave and stay and talk things thru how grown ups should do we could of still had our apartment i feel so bad cuz all of our clothes are in the car and i know he mad i know he dont like it and i hate it i have to leave my dog at my moms and my puppy is so sad she feel like we abandon her we're staying at his brother but we just sleep here we dont have no where to go hes trying to save money to get an apartment but is so hard and i feel so bad im looking for job like crazy cuz 9 something an hour is realy hard to save i just hate seen that hes mad i wish there was a way we could just get an apartment is so hard to save money when only one is working i hate seen all our clothes in the car getting dress there and all because of something stupid i did πŸ’”πŸ’”

Sorry if is too long i just feel so bad and sad