MIL visiting after delivery

My due date is Sept. 8. My mil is coming to visit to see our lo since she won't get to see him until he's about 1. 
At first, she was supposed to come sept 10-15 or 15-20 which I was fine with. Well now she's coming the husband is navy and only gets 10 days off after our baby gets here. If our lo on time we will get NO alone time and by the time she leaves he will be back to work. I feel like I had very little say in this, they planned it themselves. I'm a push over too so I didn't want to be the bad guy and say that's too long. Now I'm regretting it soooo much! She's staying in our 1 bed 1 bath apartment with us, too, btw. I'm going to go crazy. The tickets are bought already. Even my own mother isn't coming and if she does it'll be for 3 days tops. I could cry I'm so frustrated, I feel like I'm in a corner. 
Anyone else dealing with this?