Kiley • Pregnant with rainbow baby! ❤️👶 due date April 20th!
I'm getting to a point where I'm getting really discouraged. I've been ttc since February 2015. I realize that's not a significant amount of time. But since I've been trying ive gone through one mc and one chemical.. Not only that, but ever since I started trying, my two best friends have gotten pregnant. One found out the same month that I had my miscarriage. She wasn't trying to conceive but she did, and hers stuck unlike mine. I'm extremely happy for her and can't wait to be apart of her pregnancy. However, it's just frustrating. Then, a couple days ago I found out that my other best friend is pregnant as well. She's ttc, but only for the past two months. I just want it to happen to me already..
Thoughts, advice? 😔