Is it all in my head?

This better not be my mind playing tricks on me! I'm currently 5-7dpo (thanks to a confusing chart this month, I wasn't able to pinpoint the exact day), and I just now had the strangest thing happen. Took a bite out of a cookie & the smell/taste was so awful I immediately had to spit it out in the sink. It tasted like chemicals! I made the hubs take a bite & he said it tasted just fine to him. Also been experiencing some mild cramps, backache & a little bit of acne (all of which are totally not normal for me), so I'm hoping this is it!! Sorry ladies, this really isn't me asking a question... more like a need to spill my wishful thinking! It's been 8 long, torturous, months of ttc, and now with getting these symptoms during this tww, I'm freaking out! I really hope I'm not just psyching myself out. Sorry for the long post... Baby dust, fingers crossed & positive vibes being sent out to all the other ladies ttc here, and a heartfelt congrats to all the others who have finally gotten their bfp's! I hope to join you soon!