Michael came 2 weeks early!

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I was due August 9th but after a false labor scare on Thursday July 23rd my water broke at 4am on Friday the 24th. Around noon I hadn't progressed much so they started Pitocin and by around 7 I was still only 4cm. That's when they discovered what they called a forebag. Either my sac hadn't ruptured completely or I had a second one! Doctor popped it at 9 but I still wouldn't progress much. Finally at 6am on the 25th when I was 100% effaced but only 8cm with no sign of baby making his way down far enough, the doctor said my cervix was too narrow and he was was stuck. After a total of 28 hours of labor Michael Thomas finally came to us via Caesarian Birth at 7:58am on July 25th weighing 7lbs. 3oz. and 20in long. He is currently in the NICU receiving antibiotics to ward off an infection from being in there with a ruptured sac for so long but he will get to come home on Saturday; they're releasing me on Wednesday. It's been hard healing from the Caesarian and being separated from him but he's worth every bit of the struggle! My husband and I are so in love and can't believe how blessed we are to be a little family now 😍