Has anyone ever switched Ob/gyns in the middle of their pregnancy???

Ali • 28. Momma of two beautiful girls

I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet but it's probably gonna be long....so bear with me........

I'm just over 13 weeks pregnant. I'm having issues with my ob/gyn provider. One of the problems is I've never met her. I saw a physicians assistant at my 8 week appointment and at my 12 week appointment I saw a nurse and the nurse practitioner. So, my initial issue is that I haven't seen the doctor yet an there's no guarantee when I will see her or if she will deliver. Problem number 2 is the last time I went...which was last week, the nurse practitioner had asked how I was. I told her I was fine but I was having minor spasms. I then had asked her about the little cysts I had on my ovaries that the ultrasound tech found in my.first appointment. She said. "Oh right. You had a mass on your ovary" I said....wait what mass? She said. We will watch it. I said...the perinatal tech, who I had just seen the day before, didn't say anything about the cysts growing. She said. We will watch. I said . You just told me there's a mass in my ovary! Then as I'm walking out the door she said, "oh and your pap was abnormal but it's negative for hpv" I said. Uhm. What? She said. All we can do is repeat the pap. And then she walked out of the room.

Now. This was a few days ago. And I think I was kinda in shock when she said these things but I was mad with how callous she was with the information.....I also am not even sure if I was the patient she was supposed to see because when perinatal looked at my ovaries they said it looked fine and she said there was a mass on one. So I'm doubly mad because I'm not even sure she had my information right.

Am I wrong for considering switching? I feel kinda lost as this is my first pregnancy and I really don't know if this is normal behavior or if this practice is just a little odd.