boyfriend mad at me because i don’t like the name he’s picked out

my boyfriend and i have been in a consent battle over this name he’s picked out and i’ve expressed my feelings toward him about the name. i’ve cried and begged him to please consider names that i’ve picked out for our son. i’m 27 weeks pregnant and my whole pregnancy has been not exciting due to him constantly arguing with me about something. i’ve been nothing but stressed and i cry almost every day due to him. tonight we got into it about the name while he was at work and he’s blocked me off everything, he’s also threatened to take my son away from me once he’s born. i just want to know if anyone has been through this or is going through this and what else should i do about the name situation i have a few names picked out and all my family and friends say i’m the mother and get to name him. he also told me when we have a girl i can name her as if we are going to have anymore together after this baby.