Is it a missed period ???

As you can see, I've been around the same day every month , when it comes to starting my period. I haven't had sex, so I don't think I'm pregnant, but I have gotten fingered, but we don't know if there was cum on his fingers.. I've been getting weird cravings for sushi and beer. and I've been eating like crazy. my right boob has been getting some really sharp pains, and I've been peeing quite a lot. (I just started this new water diet). I had like one or two episodes of cramps, and my lower back has been sore. I've been going to sleep around 12 a.m. and waking up around 9. which is a changed sleep schedule for me. I normally sleep in a lot later. after I eat, my stomach hurts, but I feel like I'm still hungry, and I have a lot of gas. Are these symptoms of pregnancy?