"Is His Bromance more important than your Romance?"

Holly • Be the best version of yourself :)
Hey there ladies! So I've been dating my man for a year and a half, I've noticed that he's always talking, sending pic, video chatting with his best friend "excessively" who is in another country. For example: Even when we go on a date, he takes out the phone and instead of taking a pic of us he starts taking pics or vids saying "I'll bring you here when u come bro!".. Like?? And now he's there with him like 24/7, apparently his friend has been having issues with his girl and now my man is all over in his grill.. Bringing that topic up every time we talk, even the few mins we get to skype he has to go back to his bro coz he's sad and bitching about his gf. I feel like the third wheel in their relationship!!!