Am I wrong to be upset?

My fiance is at Basic Training for 6 months. He's been there for 5 weeks, has gotten 2 short calls. The first one he called me. The second he had 30 minutes and he called his mom first. I only got to talk to him for 11 minutes. I'm upset that he didn't call me instead. I know that sounds stupid and selfish but i'm pregnant and his mom has always been so hateful to him. Before he left, she was horrible. She wanted all his money, didnt want him with me, said the baby wasn't his, that she wouldnt come to our wedding because im all these names. She kicked him out 3 times and made him live on the streets unless he gave her all of his money (literally) and said this baby wasn't his responsibility. She even said when he graduates in 6 months, if I go she wont. He didnt even tell me he called her. He just said "i just got a call not sure how long i have left." It kinda hurt me because of it. I know shes his mother but idk. My horomones are making me selfish and stupid i guess.. He even forgot our anniversary. I got a letter from him last week from the day of our anniversary and he compeltely forgot.