Women who have had an abortion,

Have you ever regretted it? Or to this day are you happy with your decision? What was your reasoning? Would you recommend it to another woman? What was it like?

This is not a topic to judge others on. Just a girl with limited options to consider.

Edit: a little more about me. My boyfriend and I live with his parents to save money, and we have a five month old. We plan to move out by here first birthday, and we are enjoying spending time just the three of us. We were using protection and had nooo plans of having another anytime soon. If we have the baby, we risk literally not being financially stable, we worry we won’t be able to handle two kids so close in age, and we just don’t want that life right now. We are doing good the three of us, and want to keep up the progress. If we don’t have the baby, I risk hating myself. I cry everytime I think about it. I’m so worried it will ruin my dreams of having more kids someday. I’m worried it will bother me constantly wondering if it was a boy or a girl. I’m scared to toss this opportunity out the door but I think about the opportunities we could make for our current family if we had the abortion.