A letter to my ex


Dear ex,

I truly am proud of you for what you have accomplished. Graduating college is amazing and a start for a better life. I know you had a hard life growing up, but that still doesn’t justify what you did to me and how you treated me. What you put me through made me strong and I needed that. I needed to be strong to take care of our son on my own. I gave all my worries and burdens to God and he healed me from the bruises you left me on the inside, and out. I have forgiven you for everything, but not for your sake, for my own. To be able to be the best mother, daughter, sister, and friend I need to be. A tiny, small part of me will always love you, you where my first love and the father of my child. Good luck in life and make the best of it, I truly do wish you happiness.