Having a hard time.

Not sure if I'm posting in the right place, if so let me know. 
So I am fairly new to this app. I married my best friend may 28th of this year in the Sacramento temple. We met Halloween night 2014 at a church dance. 
He told me before we got married, that he had been with one other girl and that didn't matter to me because I have a past. He said while with the girl, he wasn't able to finish. He only tried once. I didn't think it was an issue. I figure he felt guilty so didn't try to have sex for long enough, so that's why he wasn't able to finish. He was worried about us being able to have kids. I told him we would figure something out. 
Today we have been married for 2 months. Before getting married, we talked about trying for a baby beginning in the fall, and I still want to be able to start trying in the next month or so, but he still hasn't been able to finish. And I'm worried he never will. 
At first, I thought it was me. That he couldn't because something was wrong with me. But I've done a little bit of research and found out that wasn't it. 
He keeps talking about how things will be when I get pregnant. I've told him to not stress and worry. That if he stresses it will make it worse. Maybe if he quit worrying, he'd be able to finish. I've told him how we will get through it. But it's hard when he talks about the possibility of me becoming pregnant, when I don't think it's possible...
I'm feeling a little hopeless right now. This doesn't make me love him any less. Nor do I regret marrying him. But, this is a difficult thing for me to process. I don't have family I can talk to. I definitely can't bring it up to his mom. 
I guess, what I'm asking is for any advice? Anything. I don't want to feel hopeless.