Struggling tonight 😩🤦🏻‍♀️

Ladies, I have not had an issue sleeping this entire pregnancy. I’m a sleepy chick and could sleep a full 10 hours, take a midday nap, and still pass out at 9 pm. Sure, I wake up 3-4 times a night to tinkle but I always go right back to sleep.

Tonight, IM WIDE AWAKE and going nuts. And I even skipped a midday nap today which never happens. I’m so restless. It’s not that I can’t get comfortable, I just can’t seem to doze off. I’ve had period like cramps and some contractions all evening but I’ve had them off and on all week so I’m not really putting too much stock into them and I can usually sleep through them even when they’re moderately painful. I’ll have a tightening cramp every so often but nothing close enough to time and I feel like I have to poo. 😩

I’ve been pretty brave (because I’m not dragging my fat butt out of bed if I’m not actually going to go #2) and just pushing lightly until I let out a toot but every few minutes the urge to pop washes over me and luckily I’ve been able to get away with just toots so far. 😂 I had 2-3 bowel movements this evening so I’m not sure I’ve got anything left other than gas.

I’m. Going. Nuts. I’m the wife that falls asleep 10 minutes into hubby and I’s nightly shows so WHY AM I WIRED. Ugh. I know insomnia happens to the best of us but this is brand spanking new to me and it’s not even because I’m uncomfortable (clearly I’m comfortable enough to play Russian roulette with my toots because I don’t want to leave bed). Makes no sense. 😩