UPDATE//Sooo.....FTM not sure what this is...sorry for TMI pics!!


39+4 now that it's Thursday....It's 2am and I just got up to pee (how shocking lol) and felt a small ...'gush'?.. when I stood up followed by another small one..I don't exactly want to call it a gush because it wasn't like SPLOOOOOSH everywhere but I felt something come out lol. I thought oh goodness maybe I have to wake him it's my waters...but..nothing leaking in the toilet unless I'm trying to push some more urine out..not leaking just sitting there...then I stood up and looked in the toilet and thought maybe the rest of my plug finally?? And just a mini surge of very watery discharge with it? Dr DID finally try and check my cervix yesterday afternoon at my appointment which is why I'm thinkin maybe the little bit of blood is there. But I don't seem to be leaking anything just standing here or just sitting on the toilet.

Kind of annoyed I have to put on new underwear now I just put those on a few hours ago before bed when I showered!! 🤣😭

UPDATE 7am just got up again (after laying there trying to fight having to go because I was worried getting up would have a little sploosh again😅)

I think that's probably the rest of the plug..? 🤨 I did put on adult underwear after that incident earlier lol and there is some bloodish tinged discharge on them..I just don't wanna wake up my fiancee and get all 'excited' for nothing lol😂

UPDATE#2: went to the hopsital about 9am they checked i was about 1.5cm and they weren't sure if it was my waters or not so had me lie down for about an hour to let it pool if it was a slow leak. They checked again and I was at a 3 and it was definitely my waters broken. I had to wait a while to get up to a delivery room but I am and I thought I was gonna do it all natural...dr is gonna check soon to see how I've progressed since 1pm but I got the fast-acting epidural and my god it is magic it worked as soon as they put the medicine in lol I can't feel a damn thing and I was CRYING in pain for hours earlier and couldn't lie down it hurt so bad😂 so it is nice to be able to lie down and be comfortable 😊

Got checked again about 5:30. Was about 5cm dilated waters weren't fully ruptured so he did that and I heard the pop and felt the gushes 😅 hopefully that'll help things along :)