Emotional turmoil

Mallory • Married 💍, mom of 2, and healing from losing my third. (first for husband).

My husband and I have been actively trying since Jan. I’ve done five rounds of Clomid, ovulated twice but no conception, and I’m about to do one last round at the highest dose. My husband is verbal during sex and one the few things he likes to say “I want u to have my babies”. In the beginning I loved it. But now that I’m having such a hard time conceiving it hurts me. Tonight he said it as he was going and I broke into tears. It’s killing me that I can’t give him something he has always dreamed of. Our only option after this next round is a fertility specialist which of course will be out of pocket. He says money doesn’t matter but I don’t want to break the bank and I don’t want to let him down. Every month it’s getting harder and harder on me. The two kids I have now I had no problems getting pregnant. He’s done the sperm analysis and he’s fine. It’s my PCOS. I’m willing to do whatever it takes but I’m so scared it won’t work and then I won’t be able to give him everything he wants. I love kids and I am willing to give him as many as he wants but my body just won’t cooperate. Even if I could just have one more I would be happier than ever!!