Babies Are Here 08/29/2018 35weeks4days


Well, went t my scheduled ultrasound appointment and my BP was 163/110😱 Needless to say, I was sent straight to labor and delivery to deliver the twins! Started at 7pm and were born 7:45pm and 7:47pm. Baby A weighing in at 5 pounds even and Baby B weighing in at 5 pounds 4ounces! No NICU time was needed and both babies are in the Nursery. However; Baby A has been breathing too fast so they are monitoring him closely. Me on the other hand started off with a blood count of 9.5 AND lost lists of blood while on the table and afterwards 🤦🏾‍♀️. I haven’t been able to keep NOTHING on my stomach, water that is, and is very weak to the point I can’t hold the babies😓😰😔 They are looking to possibly give me a blood transfusion on 8/30/18😔 Just send a little prayer up for me and welcome my two beauties Nyla and Prince!

I had to put different hats and a bow to be able to tell the difference! Baby on left is Prince and Baby on right is Nyla!!!