*Trigger Warning* Ectopic rupture


I am going to tell my story because i had no idea.

I got a virus , a sore throat ,headache all that stuff. I was weak with a fever and needed to use the washroom. So I get up to go pee and I couldn’t make it back from pain and cramping in my bladder. I was on the spare room floor with my pants down waiting for my consciousness to stop fading.

When I finally regained enough strength I ate a few things, drank a few, and felt better but with a tender abdomen. I couldn’t lay flat because it would hurt my whole chest to inhale thinking oh my the virus went to my lungs.

I was better for a whole day, no lung pains, no abdomen pain.

Then it happened again in the middle of the night only this time I knew I wasn’t going to be okay, something was seriously wrong. Now I was worried about losing the baby. I got the hospital and within 5 minutes I was seen. They drew blood, they were taking sugars, my blood pressure was crashing. I was going into shock. They hooked me up to fluids and I wasn’t left alone for a second.

The OBGYN came down to look via ultrasound and there was too much bleeding too see. They were floored by the chest pain and inability to lay flat. They had to give me a significant amount of pain medication to get me through a CT scan to check of my heart had an aortic split. She said after it’s the worst I’ve ever seen pressure in the chest like that.

They finally decide that it’s likely an ectopic and they are going in to find out.

Surgical team worked hard but I was close to not making it, by the grace of God and our amazing Doctors they brought me back to it and saved me. I had 1 Lt of internal blood and a burst tube removed.

Last they were aware my ovary on that side still might need to go yet I’m not sure what we are waiting on for that.

I should talk to the dr today with any hopes.