Stressful toddler

Willow • mother-sister-wife-daughter 🌸

My toddler is driving me up the wall today. We are both getting over a cold so that doesn’t help. I have barely any voice left and today he’s not listening to a word- literally not any freaking word that comes out of my mouth.

He’s been potty trained for two months now and today he will not go to the bathroom. He just keeps going in his underwear. I’m sure it has something to do with him not feeling great- but it’s 10 am and I’ve already put him down to rest to see if that helps with his defiance.

All morning I’ve felt like he has literally flipping me off with him purposely not listening. Is this a phase? Why am I going crazy? Why is he not going to the toilet? What can I do to get him to listen? I have a thousand questions but right now just venting while he rests. If I wasn’t pregnant - I would for sure be day drinking right now. 🙃