Implantation Bleeding Timeline

Jesse • TTC #2 since June 2014.

I have PCOS and hardly ever ovulate and my periods are unpredictable. On 8/24 I had just the slightest little smudge of super light pink when I wiped and it was only the once (no real period since June). I’m not positive if it was implantation bleeding or not because it happened the day after some pretty rigorous sex. But then on 8/28 (only 4 days later) I had a sketchy pregnancy test that I couldn’t tell if it was a VVVFL or dye run. Anyways, my question is how long passed potential implantation bleeding will a pregnancy test show a BFP? I’m 4 years and 2 miscarriages in to TTC and I’m just tired of getting my hopes up.

Update 8/30:

Just took another test. Still sketchy af. Tweakers, see anything?

Update 8/30 Again:

I couldn’t help myself so I just tested again. Lol This time I used a FR Digital. And wouldn’t you know it, nothing. Literally. The test screen never did anything at all. No error message or anything, just blank. It wasn’t set to expire until December. I’m having some craptastic testing experiences here lately. Thank you ladies for yalls support.