Possible preeclampsia


I have had a relatively easy pregnancy so far. Haven’t been real sick or any other issues. I’m 37 + 3 and in the last week or so I’ve really started to feel like shit. The swelling in my hands and feet have gotten so bad that my hands go numb at night and even throughout the day my fingers stay numb. My feet ballooned up and I wake up multiple times in the night because they itch so bad. I’m overall feeling very tired and have no ambition. Very full headache on the back of my head and once in awhile have bouts of nausea even though I was never sick the rest of the pregnancy. Along with the regular aches and pains of my pelvis and hips feeling like they’re ripping in half every time I move.

Yesterday I went into my 37 week appointment and told my midwife how crappy I’ve been feeling since it’s totally new and came on so fast. She took my blood pressure and it was pretty elevated. They haven’t had me do a pee test since about March so we did that and found there was protein in my urine. Now they’re concerned about preeclampsia and are having me do a 24 hr pee test and coming back in tomorrow to check blood pressure again and go over the blood work from yesterday.

I guess my question really is, what are the chances they’ll induce me tomorrow? If my blood is elevated again will they just go ahead? Or does it have to be really bad for them to want to induce? What are the thresholds I guess is more what I’m wondering. How bad is too bad to keep us or send us home and let nature take its course?