Help with relationship

Hey guys , i want help without judgment! Okay , so first of all i met this guy two years ago and he very fastly fell in love with me a year later i started to get feelings for him too ! He’s a very very very good guy , he’s never once treated less than a princess! He’s kind , loving , thoughtful, funny ! Honestly he’s amazing! But for the past few months i’ve been creating conflicts and arguments on purpose with him , and i would get very annoyed anytime he would say i love you , or mention anything lovey-dovey ! It makes me feel disgusted.. i broke up with this guy two days ago on good terms , we both agreed on it , as i told him we’ll just continue fighting if we stay together . To be honest the real reason i broke up with him is because i just graduated and i might study university in a different county and i wanna be able to have fun and not think about anybody ! But at the same time im afraid i lost a very understanding and genuine guy ! He is very different than other guys i’ve been with ! He suited my personality so well , we’ve met eachothers families , we planned to get engaged in next year ! We progressed alot ! I’m not doing the no contact to try figure things out , but i really want someone’s opinion. He has reached out on several of my social media account , but due to “no contact” i have not yet replied, although our last conversation was to be civil and to stay friends .. i really want help guys