Baby doesn’t sleep anywhere but her crib...

Hi ladies,

I am feeling like we are the only parents who are still struggling with baby sleep. We went to a month long trip and our baby only napped and slept in her travel crib while white noise machine running during all this time. Or while we wear her and walk non stop without talking...We had to cary her crib and white noise machine with us all the time and had to schedule all of our daily routine around it. BUT when we couldn’t - life happened- we suffered and suffered and suffered🙄

We don’t own a car but during vacation we planned some road trips thinking that it is highly likely for babies to nap during car trips. NOPE! Not our baby. She didn’t sleep during 9 HOURS even for one second. After 4 hours she cried and cried and cried until we arrive to the hotel that I hardly found last minute so that she can sleep and we can take a break from her fuss and cry... So for next road trips we paid for hotels after 6 hours of driving... And we stopped every 3 hours to let her nap in her carrier while me or her father walk for 40 mins to put her sleep and another hour to let her nap. The moment we stop, she woke up. The moment we talk, she woke up.

We visited relatives, friends etc and most of them have babies from 3 months old to 2 years old and seeing them sleeping almost everywhere made us sad for ourselves. Especially when we see babies sleeping in strollers we were very envious. We couldn’t eat outside too much or stayed at the beach more than 1 hour because of trying to be back home for the next nap🤦🏻‍♀️

I feel exhausted rather than relaxed.

I am really curious why is she not sleeping in my arms or in stroller or in car...? Does anybody else having similar issues? It feels like it is just us after seeing 10 babies😓😓😞😞😞