Holding my son too much?


My son was born on August 22nd so he's only 8 days old. Every time my MIL comes over, she makes the comment that I hold him too much. When he cries for me, she'll tell him "you better straighten up. Your mom can't hold you all the time, you're fine"

She makes me so mad! He's my son so if I want to hold him, I will! I put him in his swing a couple times in the day but if he cries, I'm not going to let him ball his little eyes out, he needs comforted!

Am I wrong in thinking this way?

**& This is him right now, sleeping on my chest, isn't he precious?!

**update - wow, so surprised with all the comments and so glad to hear from so many moms! Thank you all! I keep holding him & loving on him 😊 my precious boy!