Kamiylah • 22 ✨ Mommy of a precious lil Angel , Kace Brycen Hacker. 5-23-18 - 5-30-18 👼🏽💙 #Firstborn #Firstbabyboy. TTC Rainbow Baby #1 🌈👶🏽

Omg soooo... I was on FaceTime with my best friend today . I haven’t really spoken to her in about 2 weeks. She keeps staring at the phone and says “you look so different you have this beautiful glow to you. Your face looks a little chunky and you look like you gained weight. Are you pregnant?” She knows that I’ve recently lost my baby in May and that I’m trying for my rainbow baby. My period is supposed to come in 3 days but I’m praying that it doesn’t. With her mentioning that I just have this glow & that I look like I’m gaining weight makes me a little excited. Reason being that I am trying to gain a lil more weight and I am hoping that I’m pregnant with my rainbow baby. With my now angel baby , everyone knew I was pregnant without even looking at my belly. They said that I had this amazing glow. I really really pray that my rainbow baby is growing inside of me right now.