Help announcing 4th


My husband and I had originally decided after our last child (third) that we were done having kids (he’s now 17 months). Well, a couple months ago we thought I was pregnant, turns out I wasn’t, but it made us realize we wanted one more. I am now pregnant with baby #4. Both of our families think we are done after our third. We’ve been pretty adamant that we weren’t having anymore, and we haven’t told anyone that we changed our minds. Well..SURPRISE!! baby #4 is coming in May. I’ve been trying to think of some creative way to tell people. Any suggestions? One thought was getting a shirt that says “Mama of 4” and see how long it take people to realize it doesn’t say “Mama of 3”, but I can’t decide! I should also say that we’re going to possibly wait until Christmas until we tell people (except my parents who live right next to us and we see all of the time). HELP!