Psycho ex girlfriend

My boyfriend (I’ll call him Tristan) has a crazy ex “girlfriend” (quotes because they never even dated, he didn’t want to date her.) I’ll call her Lori. Lori keeps telling my boyfriend she’s pregnant with his baby. After they stopped talking (and we started talking) she messaged him telling him she was 6 weeks pregnant and she’s sure it was his. They were civil at first and she told him she wanted to either give him full custody or give it to her sister. He said he wanted full custody of the child but made it clear he didn’t want to be with her. She supposedly had a paternity test and told him he could go to the lab to get a test done to confirm that it’s his, but she has refused to give him the name of the lab.

They had an argument and she blocked him.

I told my friend about the situation and she keeps creeping on her profile and telling me stuff she posts. Well apparently she had already picked out a name for the child..... with my BOYFRIENDS name being the middle name of her child. She put it on her insta bio. (She’s changed the first name twice now.)

I take a look at her Facebook and she’s posting all these things about how her biggest fear is getting pregnant by someone who she thought loved her and him leaving, and how men are trash, and men that leave pregnant women should face jail time etc..

All the while SHE WON’T GIVE HIM THE NAME OF THE LAB AND my boyfriend agreed to take the child and she’s the one giving up on her child!

Fast forward to a couple days ago.. she unblocked him and messaged him. He tells her he’s going to get a lawyer to help sign over her parental rights before the child is born, because he doesn’t want to risk her changing her mind.

Then.. she says “it’s someone else’s, Tristan. It’s ____’s kid. 😂” like it’s a joke. Like she didn’t just swear up and down that this was my boyfriends child. But she’s naming the child after my boyfriend... wtf. But she apparently had a paternity test while she’s only 8 weeks pregnant and refuses to let him go take a test. Oh on top of that, she feeds off of drama and is posting all over Facebook that the father of her child left her and isn’t being a “man.”

We’ll be hanging out and his phone will start buzzing because people are screenshotting and sending it to him, because he has her blocked. She will actually type long statuses and put his name in it. We agreed to not worry about it and not let her bring us down or live off the drama she loves so much until the baby is born because we don’t think he’s the father, we think she just wants him back and is using whatever she can get ahold of.

Because she sent him long paragraphs apologizing right BEFORE she said she was pregnant, saying she loves him, she wants him back, he’s the best she’ll ever have but he told her he was talking to someone new now.

His family doesn’t like her, his friends don’t like her, no one likes her. He’s showed me texts of her acting insane.

One time he let her use his car because hers broke down, he said something that triggered her and she told him she was going to leave his car in the middle of the next big city over and he could go find it if he wanted it. She was cussing him out, calling him every name in the book. Then all of a sudden she says “omg Tristan I’m just kidding silly!! You should know me better than that!” Like psychopath shit.

There’s no question to wether I’m staying or not because I am. He’s made me happier than I have been in a long time. I just was wondering what your opinion is (if you think she’s pregnant or not) and if there’s something I can do to make things better.