TTC after two miscarriages


Hello all! This is gonna be long lol. First post ever here and i just felt like some people in here would understand my situation.

I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks back in July 2016 and it was truly horrible. The pain was so bad and so was the bleeding. Ugh. So i was obviously terrified to get attached and even be happy when we found out i was pregnant again in April 2018. We went to the first appointment and the baby looked fine and saw the heartbeat and it was at a perfect rate!!

Fast forward through the next two weeks of horrible sickness alllllll day long, it pretty much stopped within a day or two. I honestly didn’t even think ANYTHING of it, just so happy for it to be over. I just assumed i got lucky and that’s all the sickness I’d have.

Well, a few weeks later when i was 11 weeks i woke up and had a tiny bit of brownish discharge. Hadn’t had any colored discharge since my last period so it made me nervous. It continued for a few days and then i passed a clot and decided to go to the ER for an ultrasound. Turns out the baby stopped growing a few weeks earlier around 8/9 weeks.

Yep, right around the time i lost all of my sickness overnight! I was so happy to not be sick anymore and in reality to felt the moment my baby passed away. It was so heart breaking to realize that ☹️.

So anyway, i opted to have a d&c and have the genetic testing done on the baby and everything came back normal. That didn’t help either, because now i knew my baby didn’t even have a chromosomal thing that caused this. Still no answers.

Next we Decided to do some tests on me to check for anything that could cause this. I found out i have hypothyroidism and a clotting disorder called PAI-1 4g/4g. It has been proven that the clotting disorder is linked to recurrent miscarriage and pairing that with hypothyroidism is a good indicator on what has been causing these things. I was prescribed medicine to take and i have to go back every six weeks to check my thyroid levels to see if they need to up my dose. I go back in three weeks for my second check (hoping they won’t have to up it again) and we are planning on starting to try in October as long as I’m running like a well oiled machine lol.

So anywayyyyyyy, after my incredibly long and drawn out story (sorry) i just wanted to talk with others that can relate to me in any way, shape, or form because there’s like nobody i can talk to about it.

Has anyone had to deal with the same types of diagnoses as me and gone on to have a successful pregnancy?

I’m excited to try because i feel more confident that we will have a better chance this time since we got me on medication but it’s still hard. I want to be excited but i don’t know if i CAN be excited. I want to enjoy it soooo bad and love every minute of it but the disappointment and heartbreak is always in the back of my mind.

I’m just rambling at this point, kudos to you if you’ve stuck around this far lolol. Please let me know if any of you have similar experiences or any advice!