Kick counts 😕

Hi ladies. I have BPPs twice a week and the last two visits our girl hasn’t been quite as active as she usually is. She ultimately passes but, they mentioned to keep a close eye on her and now I don’t know if I’m paranoid or what.

Today she really hasn’t moved much at all which is unusual but they said as long as she got her kick counts at least once a day, things were most likely fine. This morning since I didn’t feel her after eating and drinking for a few hours, I played music for her which always works. She had an active hour and then movement slowed down again around 11 am. I’ll usually get a random kick or two throughout the day but she’s been super quiet. So I played music again (she loves Fast Car by Tracy Chapman lol) and managed to get 5 kicks out of her while the music was on but otherwise nothing (5 pm). I’m going to keep an eye on things and if she keeps it up after dinner, I’ll get checked out. I just hate for them to act like I’m overreacting but, I know when things aren’t quite right with my girl. I’d rather be safe than sorry, right?