High prolactin levels and freaking out!!

Erica • TTC Baby #1 since Mid Jan 2018

Well, my doc just called back and everything was fine except for my prolactin levels. They re too high. She said that the test was done in the afternoon and I had not been fasting so she wants to check again to be sure. But if it is, it could be the reason my period has started to be late/irregular. Even though I have gotten my periods there is now no guarantee that I am ovulating. IM FREAKING OUT!!! Has anyone else experienced this? She mentioned there is a medication that can help but I wonder if any foods can help lower it? I started to read a little about it but I’m so nervous it’s hard to take in. If anyone has been through this and still been able to become pregnant, if you don’t mind can you please share? We can talk privately if you are not comfortable sharing with everyone. All we want is a child and knowing that everything else is normal with me except this and this can ruin everything is devastating. Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance! ❤️