Please help tmi pics

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Ok I posted this in another group earlier and got no reply so I’m gonna try on here today during my cm check I got this and I wanted to know first off is this egg white cm I wanna say I had it when I was like wayyyy younger but I didn’t know what it was then and I damn sure wasn’t messing with it like I am now ttc baby #2 lol. Also for you ladies that regularly get this how many days does it last and do you know how many days you have it until you ovulate or does it only happen on your peak day? I only ask because I’ve been taking opk tests strips and digital and they look really close but the digitals say not yet and idk if they’re just saying that because I’m drink so much water right now to improve my cm. All replies would really be appreciated I’ve been looking for cm like this for a while now and never seem to get it and I was so scared I wasn’t ovulating. I’ll attach a pick of the cm and today’s opk tests thanks in advance for any advice I receive